What’s up 2012?

Hi there, we are still in January and it is still time to wish you an Happy new Year!

With all the mess around, what should we want for this new year? Still here in 2013 should be a good start just in order to say “cool, I survive to my 25th apocalyptic end or the world event…”.

2011, real life

Before looking forward, let’s have a word about what append in 2011.

People think what they want, but I think that 2011 was a great year. I suppose that worldwide changes felt differently depending on your country, but globally, revolutions are key word this past year. It’s great. It’s a sign. Even in countries where we thought liberty never come again, it came, where dictatorship is the only leading way, we are building democracies and so on…

The main dictatorship that should be hard to remove is the global finance market. Maybe 2012 will see the first wide attempts of introducing a Tobin tax? But it should also get some country bankruptcy which may be catastrophic…

2011, tech life

I was very happy with this tech year. Nothing revolutionary. But a lot of small improvements that changes life or enhance it.

I tried to promote Html5 family in a .Net world since 2 years ago and I was mainly flowed by everyone. Most Web designers still thought that Flash was the only way and most .Net web developers thought that Silverlight would beat Flash in RIA world domination…It seems, that I was right and both are today in an hard path.

People should pay attention to the mass effect. Even if excellent solutions exists in some domain, and you are convinced that this technology is far better than any others, follow with attention the trends. The reference technology will always be the one used by most people! Do you thought that php is much better than any other web technology? Far away! It is certainly one of the most ugly I ever saw, but there it starts its career because it’s “easy” to start and there was lots of web hosts providing web hosting for free with php. Then, people developed useful software on it and that’s the glue! Again, do you think that as a senior .Net developer I am happy to blog with WordPress instead of a .Net blog engine? Obviously not, but it’s far the best blogging tool I used!

For RIA, it’s the same, today flash or silverlight are better than Html5 on most points if you want to develop a tricky complex designed app for the web (ie : a game). But who really cares today? Even partially supported, Html5 responds yet today to the needs of 95% of the needs where flash/silverlight were used before (Ads, cool designed interfaces…). If don’t understand that when Apple digg a tomb for flash, you probably missed something ;-)…


Another cool thing was Node.js. You have to understand what is behind it, it’s not “only” a buzz machinery…

If you pay some attention to what people want in 2012 for web apps, we are far way from what people want 2 years ago. Web 2.0, ajax, ok cool, these notions are heavily integrated now. People want today responsive designs, people want real time, simplicity. That’s simple, people want simple apps doing things quickly in a natural way…

And again, like php story, node.js is easy to start, even for the designer not developer. Node.js was the first large audience tool to allow easy build of real time applications! Cross this with the rebirth of javascript these last years and you have a simple and integrated platform to develop really cool apps! And more, Node.js is naturally driven by Single responsibility pattern applied to frameworks. In Node, most frameworks do one thing in a simple way. Then you compose. Quickly. You don’t have to pay for an expensive learning ticket, you don’t have to load huge libraries while really using a small part. Take care of these principles and take care of  effervescence of a community, you will learn a lot of it.


On the other side, I was disappointed by Windows 8.

It looks great, it smells great. But it should be only a façade…

I am disappointed with the mix of Windows forms and Metro apps in the same environment. Relatively to user experience, every time you try to propose 2 completely different approaches to complain to most people, you fail.

But I am most disappointed with their Html5 “sounds only like a buzzword” approach natively on the desktop. Have you see the code of a html5/javascript Metro project? it’s scary, I don’t know what’s the advantage coding like this in javascript. Other platform web developers will never develop applications using these native Windows javascript framework! And for .Net developpers, why confusing them with code like this? So, for whom are these javascript Metro projects? Isn’t it only to say we also do Html5, and do it better because it’s native on the desktop? Don’t you remember the fail of the Active Desktop?

This is a great sign to understand why big companies, older in the market, have great difficulties to follow the trends without deeply taking in account the needs.


2012, what’s next?

I hope to have an even better year!

I will continue to improve myself daily in the technologies I believe in. I still keep my focus on .Net web architecture, performance and user experience on ASP.NET MVC. I promise to use more and more parts of Html5. I hope to really have time to start the projects around micro data with my company.

I will continue to follow Sql Server activities and Sql Server 2012 will give some really good improvements. But on the other side, I work more and more with NoSql data persistence. It is the key of a modern architecture. I hope people will massively understand that not all the data have the same lifecycle, the same needs, and that for each one, there is a preferred data repository.

But, the point on which I will work harder is to improve my software craftsmanship abilities, to improve the way I work everyday, to exchange more with people and to learn and share more with people. I will try also to share more code and discuss less…

And the what’s the best? We’ll build a new .Net conference in Paris and I hope that everyone will enjoy it just like I am exited in preparing it! Soon, we’ll make some announces.



So, enjoy this Year!

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