Hi there!

We are happy to start this new community blog, so as usual:

Hello world


This is our first hello world to .Net community through this platform but for most of us, we write since a long time. We want to merge and share some of our thoughts, principles and projects  in this common place.

But that’s not all, before starting we want to give you the concepts that drives our writings. So, let’s introduce the several Why’s of this site.

  • We are mainly .Net developpers and we love C#, the framwork and most of their architecture and way to work.
  • But we are not attached to one company and their way of thinking
  • We are true open source believers and we think that OSS projects on the .Net platform are great for everyone, inclusively Microsoft
  • We love good practices and we are strongly attached to adding value to software
  • Our business is still young, and we think that there will be a lot of evolutions, so, keeping minds opened is so important as our knowledge
  • Factories, processes and automatisation are great but we give more value to craftsmanship.

Read, share, comment!

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