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Dynamic TDD

This post is about Dynamics in C#, TDD and how we can mix all of this in a fun and fluent way I presented that at the last ALT.NET Fr meetup and I want to share it more widely now

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NFluent Extensions

About NFluent has been designed since the beginning to be easy to use and to provide a great user experience. That means that we want the API to be as Fluent as possible. And important part of the NFluent value

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DUX – Developer User Experience

Sometimes, I wonder why things are not simple and expressive. One thing that I try to advocate for many years is something that I should call DUX – Development User Experience. It means what it should mean : the user

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.Net Web dev Mac – Nuget, Monodevelop and Nancy

Basic Support In the Beginning Managing binaries, dependencies and packages is such an important point that it is unbelievable  that it takes 10 years to get something like Nuget on .Net from Microsoft… If you are running Mono for .Net web development

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SOLID – A small refactory sequence on ConfArt

I am working on a small library to help working with some dynamic stuff, but the target is mainly to use dynamics to simplify configuration and exchange data when types are not needed. This started as a demo project, but

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About Asp.Net Web Stack

A few days ago, Microsoft released its ASP.NET Web Stack (of Love as called by Hanselman) to OSS. Good news? Bad news? I don’t know… I am still not convinced by the capacity of Microsoft to produce with a real

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